Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I have an ongoing craft “want-to-do” list and right now it has on it the following (doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll do any or all of it, but hey, it’s an aspiration):

1) DIY rope coasters. Renee told me about Martha’s Daily Emails on crafts & organizing tips a loooong time ago and I have been loving them since the first day I signed up. I’ve made several things and gotten lots of ideas from Ms. Martha. One I got earlier this week was for these cute little coasters:

All we have now are some FSU coasters which granted serve their purpose and I’m not knocking Florida State, but I think these would be cuter on my side table than some heavy white ceramic ones with Osceola on top. If you want to learn how to make them, click here.

2) Mirror Do-Over: I bought a mirror when we moved into our apartment to cover a not so attractive breaker box. I don't have a picture handy but when I do this project i'll be sure to take one!

I’ve always liked the mirror but have never been crazy about the brownish gold colored frame surrounding it. So what’s a girl to do? Paint it! My friends over at Young House Love (I can call them friends if I stalk their blog daily & drool over their projects, right??) painted a mirror for their baby girl’s room. You can find out how to do it here. I bought paint tonight at Wal-Mart, going with white!

3) Beaded Wreath. Problem is, I only have a Christmas wreath and a fall wreath, but nothing for the seasons in between. And yes, Christmas counts as a season. They are just so darn expensive in general so unless it’s on clearance after season I can kiss it goodbye! Thanks to Chelsy who shared with me one of her favorite craft blogs (shanty2chic), I came across a DIY wreath, made of beads! I am definitely planning to make this but need to wait for an occasion that will have bead necklaces on sale- perhaps Halloween? We shall see. I want to make a spring and summer one.

I got some Life is Good stickers yesterday from Blue Abaco for my car. I needed a replacement since my old one went with the Jetta. I love all things LIG so I got two. I put one on my car and the other on my laptop and they just make me smile. Not to mention they’re a steal at only $0.50 each! Oh and I love that store as well (Blue Abaco). Please buy it for me, the whole store. Thank you. I am too lazy to take pictures of them right now so use your imagination:)

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