Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Totally Awesome Tuesday!

So today ended up being a rather pampering/fun day for me. I ate my usual chic-fil-a for my Tuesday lunch and then finished out the rest of the day at work. Got a call mid-afternoon that my mom was getting her nails done after work and David suggested that I should go. Um, okay! I opted for a pedicure instead because my toes needed some serious TLC. Other than the chair being broken and kneading my back in the same spot for a half hour (it wouldn't turn off or do anything different), i thoroughly enjoyed the first pedicure I've had since the wedding.
Then I met up with David, my brother and his gf Valerie for a little bowling at Seminole Bowl. David won the first game and I won the second. We had fun, it'd been a while since we went bowling!

After bowling it was time for dinner & David said he wanted CFA, well okay again! Although I had it for lunch, anyone who knows David knows that we don't eat out much (although we have been more lately) and so if he is suggesting we eat out, I'm gonna agree to whatever! I opted for a salad this eve instead of my regular #1 and it was so yummy! Yay for a totally awesome Tuesday:)


  1. Crazy, Valerie is a friend of mine! Our families have been close since we were...well, born!!! She is a sweet girl!

    Small world, huh?!

  2. So jealous of the pedicure! I need (& want) one bad!! And super cute picture of you from the bowling alley!

  3. YUM I would eat CFA every meal if I could. and sooo jealous of the pedi also...want one so bad!



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