Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Five =)

1) Anyone know of a good place to buy a patio table set? We are finally starting to shop around for one, and last night’s hunt for one was unsuccessful. We went to Lowes and Home Depot and they both had pretty poor selections for what we’re looking for. Inexpensive, rectangular (ish) & large enough to seat 6. Home Depot had a Martha Stewart collection one that I really liked but of course there were no prices on it and it looked like it cost more than we wanted to spend. Lowes had nothing but super duper high end stuff that was way to fancy. I’ve looked at Sears and on craigslist all to no avail. I’m thinking of trying Sam’s and Target next. Can anyone think of anywhere else?

2) Today Mom & I had lunch at CFA in the mall and some good friends sat down right beside us so that was a nice surprise! (Great to see ya’ll, KT, Erin, Mrs. Debra & Rossi:) ). This morning I got an email from Bath & Body Works for some Halloween soaps and I got SO excited!! I am so ready for fall weather and the little pumpkin soap dispenser made me realize it’s on its way! I told Mom and she said we had to go by there, but I was in a hurry to get back to work, so I swung in real quick and threw a few things into her basket haha! (with her permission of course). I got Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin & Twilight Woods (shoutout Kimbo!!) and I can’t wait to set them out when fall & Halloween get near! I just love B&B, not only are the bottles pretty and festive but they smell sooo yummy too! Thank you Mom for treating me to lunch & soap! Doesn’t get much better than that:)

3) Tonight we went out and about and I got a cute new throw that's brown zebra striped. Planning to put it on the foot of our bed to add a little spunk to the room. Oh and it's extra large so good for cuddling too.

4) Tomorrow we’re going tubing down the Chipola river with a big ‘ol gang. I’m hoping the weather’s nice and that the water is looking like this (Chipola picture I pulled from the web):

It’s a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it, wish I had my new bathingsuit, which by the way, never came:( I got on the VS website last night to try to re-order and it says it wouldn’t be shipped til 11/20…so much for that!

5) I’m tossing around the idea of re-painting the guest bathroom. I am just not thrilled with the way the what I thought was “slate blue” turned out to look like ocean blue. I’d love to do something like this:

I hate that I may be painting again but paint is a pretty inexpensive way to make a big change so we’ll see. Any volunteers? Hah!

That’s all for now, hope you have a great weekend!


  1. As far as the patio furniture goes, you should also check out Bed, Bath, & Beyond! They used to have sets in the store and I'm sure they have more online. And Target usually has some cute stuff for patio furniture! And hopefully some of it will be going on sale soon since its the "end of summer." Your Bath and Body Works comments got me SOOOO excited! I can't WAIT! And I got an email for FSU football tickets today, soooo excited for FALL!! And I love the bathroom idea, let me know if you want any help! :) Have fun on the Chipola!

  2. Ok, where did you find the zebra throw? I love anything zebra!!! Poor Hudson got stuck with zebra blankets & a bed...haha!!! I am in serious search for a zebra hall runner--let me know if you ever see one!

    As for patio furniture, it is ALL expensive, but I would search BB& you can use a 20% off coupon! Good luck--



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