Friday, January 20, 2012

Disney 2012

Last weekend we went to Disney. Well, you may be thinking, “who’s we”? This blog is supposed to be T, Myself & I? Well, you’ll also notice that it used to be called (and the URL still remains) The Jolly James.

This time last year that statement would have been, “I went to Disney with my husband, sister-in-law and her hubby”.

Today that statement is, “I went to Disney with my ex-husband, ex-sister-in-law (who is still my SIL and always will be) and her hubby.

Those who know why David is now my ex-husband then I don’t need to explain. Those who don’t know, well just know that some people make mistakes in life and think they want things that they really don’t. Then they will do whatever it takes to get back the person they lost. David is one of those people and now here we are, 6 months after our divorce, hanging out, going to Disney together, and seeing what the future holds for us again. At the time, many people prayed for reconciliation for us. Well it looks like it’s a little later than I’d hoped, but that it is catching up to us now. I know many people are rooting for us, and many are not. Whatever your personal opinion is, I’d appreciate you keep it to yourself if it’s unkind. You will never know or be able to make the decisions I have, unless you’ve walked in my shoes. It’s a lot harder than you’d think to throw away 9 years of time and love you shared with someone, over a few stupid decisions they made. I saw on Pinterest recently, a quote that fit nicely.

“I don’t forgive people because I’m weak. I forgive them because I’m strong enough to know people make mistakes”.

It’s been a strange road traveled and lots of decisions made/some hurtful to other people to get to this point, but I did what I felt was best for me and am happy to see where this road leads us.

With that being said, I will never be able to make everyone happy so there’s no point in trying. I must be happy for ME and no one else, even if not everyone agrees with the decisions I make.

*Sidenote: Thank you SO MUCH to those of you that have been supportive over these last couple of months. It means more to me/us than you’ll ever know.

Moving on!

So, back to the Disney trip, sorry for the tangent.

We left early Friday morning and headed to the Happiest Place on Earth.

photo (30)

We departed at promptly 6:10 am. And I have enough rolls on my neck and chin to be a turkey for Halloween.

Our usual favorite, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort was booked as well as many of the others we would have preferred to stay in, so David went big and booked Disney’s Saratoga Springs as it was what was available. It was within walking distance of Downtown Disney so that was nice too!

PS- I did not even bring my big cam (GASP!) on the trip so these are all from my iPhone/purse Nikon.

The resort was awesome!



photo (29)DSCN2276

We bought Annual Passes again like we have in the past and headed out to the parks.

Animal Kingdom was the first stop of the day.


AK bound on the bus.


photo (18)

Behold, Everest.


DiVine. Can you see her?


This is a Disney squirrel. They’re all fat and happy. This little guy was taking french fries right out of our hands. He eventually hopped up to a tree stump, would eat his little fry, and then when he was done his little fat self would squeal at us and we’d get up and hand him another one. He was a bossy little thing!

photo (28)

After Everest.

Kim (SIL) and Josh were coming the next morning to spend the weekend with us, so after AK we decided to go to Orlando to do a little outlet mall and IKEA shopping. We could have gone to another park but wanted to save it and not do too many that we’d have to repeat later in the weekend.


photo (15)

At the outlet mall I scored this pink polo hat for $4.48. Yes please.

We made it back and ate dinner at Downtown Disney at Earl of Sandwich. MY FAVORITE.

The next morning Kim & Josh arrived and from there we were crazy park hopping fools. But not before some Mickey Mouse waffles at the hotel!

photo (19)

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

photo (27)

This ain’t my first trip.

photo (26)

David has always called me Princess Belle. I finally got a pin of her.


Hollywood Studios, Toy Story line.



photo (20)

On Rockin’ Roller Coaster. You can tell who the siblings are. They’re both about to crap their pants. First time riders there! It’s taken David years to get on this ride. Years. And he finally did it!

photo (21)

The Lau’s absolutely scrumptious Cappuccino Cupcake. It was delish!

After HS we went to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping and Kim picked up a pair of her first Ears. She’s official Winking smile I also upgraded mine as the new ones have sparkles on the back and a bigger bow. I will save my other pair that’s been on several trips, for any visitors next time!

photo (22)


Then we got super bundled and took a little rest break back at the room before heading to Magic Kingdom for the night.


Twin Minnies!

photo (25)

Waiting for the bus. It was FREEZING.



More of us because I love us!


The day was starting to wear on us. It was a long one!


Kimbo and Josh.



Sleep deprived. Haha


The next morning we were off to Epcot and AK again.




Rainforest Café at AK. Great food, horrible service. Our waiter needed an attitude adjustment!

We had an absolutely fabulous time even though it was a little on the chilly side. Can’t wait to go back already!


  1. Aww, I am so happy for you/y'all and what could be in your future! I've been rooting and so excited for you! Looks like you all had a great weekend :)

  2. Good morning, Tam,
    It is impossible to read your 1/20th Blog and see how happy you look in all the pictures, and not be happy for you. If you can forgive David, and love him, then so can I. I love you too much to hold on to my own hard feelings (you have to admit, I'm somewhat biased in my perspective). I look at you in the photos, and see a young woman (no longer a girl) who is plenty capable of living her own life just as the rest of us live ours. There are no guarantees that go with the choices we each make. One learns to bask in love when you can.
    Bye for now, I love you sooooooo much,
    Gma (1/21/12)

  3. Oh my, your grandma's comment is soo sweet! As you said in your post, you have forgiven because you are strong...strong enough to take things slow, strong enough to know what to deal with and what not to deal with & strong enough to not care about what others think because you are doing this for YOU!!

    Best of luck to you, sweet friend! You deserve whatever/whoever makes you the happiest!!

  4. Yay! So happy for you! Looks like you had a great time. :) I'm still praying!

  5. We've been praying here, too, and are very happy to see this post. We all need forgiveness for so many reasons. So we also all need to give forgiveness. Jesus said in Matthew 6:

    14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

    We love you, miss you, and are behind you 100%!
    Uncle Bobby and Aunt Lona



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