Monday, January 16, 2012

Mason Jar Storage

Hello. I just realized it’s been a while since I last blogged. Shame on me! I will get back on the band wagon this week, especially since I got back from Disney last night and have lots of pictures!

Anywho, this is random but has been very helpful to me and I thought I’d share!

So a few weeks ago (mid December) I shared that I want to start eating healthier. When I go grocery shopping now I am actually not embarrassed to check out. My buggy used to be filled with Cokes, ice cream, frozen pizzas, chips, and anything else that looked yummy along the way. Now I fill it up with fruits and veggies, healthy breads, natural peanut butter (say wha?), and other healthy goodies.

*Disclaimer - I cannot brag so much about when I’m not eating at home, because I’m still not doing all that great, but at least I’m eating healthy when I am at home versus eating unhealthy while at home and out. Oh and I am officially one and a half weeks soda free! This is HUGE for me. I am a several soda a day drinker and so far so good! I drink water, water and more water. *

Since I’ve been buying all of these expensive healthy food items, I had to find a way to keep them from getting spoiled. I like to cut up strawberries for my yogurt and they were only lasting 3-4 days. Strawberries are not cheap!

I saw things here and there on Pinterest about mason jar storage and decided to give it a try.

I bought a pack of jars from Publix and first tried it with lettuce. The lettuce lasted about two weeks before I had gotten to eat it and it was still just as crisp then. Tonight I went grocery shopping and for the first time I’m going to try the storage with some other fruits and veggies. The little top that sits on the jar gets tightened down and keeps the air out so let’s hope the other produce items are as successful at keeping as the lettuce!


(Chickpeas, lettuce, carrots, strawberries & celery)

Oh and I filled the celery jar with water too because that’s how we used to do it when I worked at Chuck E. Cheese and it kept them from drying out!

I would like to chalkboard paint the tops so I can write dates, but for now, tape it is.


I’m off to have some salad for din din and empty out my DVR. Season three of Sweet Home Alabama just started…I have watched all of them and I’m obsessed. It’s on CMT if hot country boys are your thing!

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