Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Long Hair Don’t Care

I was feeling tubby this evening and wanted to look at motivational pictures of when I was skinnier so I got on Facebook. Do you ever sit down and look through your old albums? I do about once a year and I’m so thankful to have them. I couldn’t tell you where 75% of those pictures are stored today and I love having them at my fingertips.

Anywho, I start poking through albums seeing how I let myself get where I’m at today and I came across pictures when I had long hair. Some recent, some not.
Why why why do I continue to cut my hair? Right now my hair is short and I hate it this length. It’s “in-between” and it needs to get long asap.

Again, this is the Tamara Show and you’re watching Vain Network.



July 2009. Haha. I’ve been told I should be a shampoo commercial girl. I’m in!


Graduation Day, August 2009.

(Still proud of my B.S. in Biological Science. It. kicked. my. butt. but I did it Smile)


August 2009. Such a fun night celebrating (what I thought would be haha) my last few weeks of singledom with all my favorite girls Smile 


Summer 2009. Rossi & “Aunty” Beyonce


January 2011, hopped on the bang train.


Summer 2011.

And just because I found these too…


My sweet baby boy, November 2009. Just a wee wittle thing!


My sweet (big) baby boy, Summer 2011.

So that’s it for now.

And I miss being 30 lbs. lighter.

And having long hair. I’m just a long hair girl. Next time it’s long and I want to cut it. I hope I remember to read this post.

I am debating publishing this because it is completely random.

Oh well, I have nothing else to share tonight so it looks like it’s going up!

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  1. Your hair seems to grow really fast. It seems like you just cut it and in the picture in the post below it has really grown out a lot since then. :)



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