Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabrics, Frames & Stripes Oh My!

Mmk so the recent Disney trip also involved a stop to IKEA. Why, oh whhhyyy do we not have one of these? We NEED one here. I would single handedly keep them in business Smile

photo (17)

In my buggy you’ll see a new front door mat. (It’s square, so fun!) A few more fake plants and 4 of my wanted 8 frames. They were $20 a piece so I really didn’t need to drop $160 on frames in one day! I had other crap I didn’t need important items to buy!

You see, I’m obsessed with Young House Love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

In their first house they had a frame wall that I just had to have.

So in my old house I replicated their wall gallery.


Well we’ve both moved houses since then, & it’s only natural that I unashamedly copy them feel drawn to recreate their masterpiece. What can I say, I love their style.

So mine aren’t above the couch but I love them none the less.


I bought fabric from Joann’s to fill it with. I LOVE the fabric but thankfully I didn’t need much because it was $44.99/ YARD!! Then it was 50% off and I didn’t even get a yard. It came to like $7 for enough to fill four 12”x12” openings.


I think it fills the wall perfectly!


The reflection is making it look dreadfully dirty. But it’s not. Promise.


And while we’re here, I haven’t shared my newest lamp. I love love love these clear glass lamps from Target. I bought one a while back and was kicking myself for not getting a matching set. At $40 a piece not including the shade they were not cheap. I think everyone else found out how great they were too because every time I went to Target they were out! FINALLY I got lucky one day and was able to pickup another. So this one and my clearance Target shade pretty up my entrance table.

PS- I want to paint my antlers white. Anyone done this before? I’m just gonna spray paint those babies. Apparently those and the ones on the dining room table used to reside on the mantel of my Dad’s house when he was growing up. Love it!


And because everyone likes a good freebie. That gorgeous water colored peacock in the distance and the wood stack to the right were all free Etsy prints I printed on cardstock. Google it and see what you can find!



The latest look in my cozy little living room.

And because you know my love of Chevron stripes by now…

Remember my DIY Chevron Striped Rug?

Well lookie what I found at Tarjay!


I got two of these pretty little ladies for $17/each on clearance last weekend. LOVE.

photo (16)

I also picked up these cute towels there for a few bucks each.

Chevron = swooooon.

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  1. I still haven't painted my antler, but I've decided I love the natural look. We will see if I change my mind come summer. If you have any extra antlers that need a home, please let me know!! I'm looking for enough to cover the top ends of my entertainment center :)



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