Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Boots

Over the holidays I fell in  love with a pair of boots that my parent’s neighbor had on at her Christmas party. They were gorgeous and settled the age old question of black or brown.

Why not both?

I pined over them and told my GMa who was at the party that if she wanted to be the best GMa in the world she could get them for me for Christmas Smile I fully thought it to be a joke until she asked, “Well, what size”?

Long-hunting-them-down-story-short both of my wonderful GMa’s pitched in and bought me a brand spanking new pair of Antonio Melani “Elena” boots. THANK YOU BOTH SOOO MUCH! I love y’all!



I’m smitten.

I did a little photo shoot because I had nothing better to do and I was dressed to go out to eat with some girlfriends!

They are a wee bit tight around my calves, but I have big calves so it’s all my fault. I’ll never ever be one of those girls that the boots fit all loose around the calves. It’s just not meant to be.

Pinned Image

*Not my legs or my boots. My legs in general or my calves with never be that skinny. Not even in their dreams.*


The good news is I can get them on with my skinniest of skinny jeans or tights. I hope they stretch some more around the top.

Anywho, here’s some chunky-legs-squeezed-in-too-tight-pants for ya. More like sausage casing. Holy Hips!





I’m off to celebrate for no good reason at El Jalisco’s with some long time friends.



  1. ummm.......you're beautiful and I love your new fancy boots!

  2. I have the big calf issue, too. Only, my thighs are small, so my calves and my thighs are the same size...weird. Haha. I think you are SO sexy, and I'm totally glad I am one of the long time friends who spent dinner with you that night :)

  3. I thought you looked beautiful that night!!! Loved the outfit and the boots are 100% gorgeous! Cheers to us three for being long time friends...so cool!



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