Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I had a super crappy no good day at work today. As I said on Facebook, some people just have no HAPPY in their lives. With that being said, I came home in a not so great mood today. I actually wanted to get my shoes on and RUN.

And run I did.

It wasn’t much, but it was a mile and that’s a lot for me who does not run.

Perhaps it’s because I was frustrated and wanted to at least be productive.

Or perhaps it was because I had new shoes?

On my Disney trip last weekend there was also a stop at the outlet malls. I picked up some running shoes from the Nike outlet for $28 including tax. Oh yes.

photo (12)

photo (13)

And oh my gah my winter legs look awful. Ashy & gross. Oh well, at least I finally shaved my legs. I won’t admit how long it’s been since I did that…

Again, why do I keep pointing out my embarrassing qualities?


After my run I vacuumed the house, shoveled turds in the backyard (not mine), filled holes that someone dug (not me) and raked.

Remington loves, loves to destroy firewood. He goes into the pile in the yard, sticks his snout under the tarp and drags countless pieces to the yard and proceeds to peel them to shreds and bring them in the house.

photo (14)


So it seems as though my cranky attitude did my house and body good. I’m now sitting here drinking water with lemon (gasp!) and trying to transfer photoshop and elements from my laptop to my desktop since my free trials are up…

Oh and the best news I got all day??

I am down 5 lbs. even after a 3 day Disney trip! This is unheard of. I guess the no-soda thing is starting to catch up to me in a good way! Halle-freakin-lujah! I have never lost 5 lbs. With anything. It’s just been gain gain gain for the last several years. Whoo hoo!

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