Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Hair Post

I’m sorry I keep talking about my hair. But I think it’s my best asset and I might as well harp on it while it’s still pretty and luscious. Unlike the rest of my body.


I’ve known all along, but today it just kind of hit me.

I have a lot of hair.

Everytime I grow it out and chop it off, it goes to Locks of Love.

October 2009 I got sixteen inches cutoff.

They told me I had thick enough hair to make two or three wigs Smile 

photo (28)

February 2012

I was definitely blessed in the hair department. As my Mom says, “The girl has some hair”!

I’m also thinking of dying it.

Because I am getting gray hair out the yin yang!


I have virgin hair as stylists like to call it.

It has never been dyed or permed or had anything chemically done to it.

The only excitement it gets is a hair cut when it becomes too long to manage.

Case in point.

oct 07

October 2007 – short

nov 08

November 2008 – long

sep 09

September 2009 – super long


November 2009 - super short

nov 10

November 2010 – whatdya know, long again

jul 2011

July 2011 – you guessed it, super long

sep 11

September 2011- short. Who’d a thought?

Anywho, here’s some ideas I’m toying around with.

I’m nervous to even think about it, but I’m tired of the “Is that gray hair I see?!” comments so some hurr dye might be in my near future.

I’m thinking only slightly darker than my natural color, perhaps with a few highlights.

I’m digging -

love her look

If I could choose to be a look alike of any celebrity, I would pick Kate Beckinsale. She is just absolutely gorgeous to me!


Dark glossy hair.


Or I could go a little lighter…which is gorgeous too.





Decisions decisions…what’s a girl to do?

PS- Don’t ever let me cut my hair again!!


  1. Lighter hair covers gray hair better, it doesn't show as well! :) Go lighter! I just chopped my hair off as well becuase it was way to long to manage and took FOREVER to do anything with!

  2. Love my long hair too, then I let it get unmanageably long, then cut it off, then miss it. I've got the gray sprouting up too. I'm putting off coloring mine til the last second. Love that last pic's highlights. I want to go lighter :)



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