Thursday, February 2, 2012

Table Facelift

I won’t go as far to say that my table got a full makeover, but she did get quite the facelift.


Still need to get around to doing something with my roadkill rescue chair…

If you recall in this post I said I had been meaning to get around to fixing her up.

This table was my dining room table before it was my craft table, and my in-law’s dining room table before it was my dining room table. Basically, she’s been around. If you know what I mean.


Her in the first rental on move in day. (I put the legs on backward when I put it together then haha)


My craft room in my last house.

Looking at these pics it’s hard to believe how much my taste/style has changed since then. But style does evolve and I’m sure a year from now I’ll be thinking the same thing about my current decorations.

I had been toying with the idea of painting her a really bold fun color after seeing these inspiration pictures.

turquoiseTABLE and BEFORE dresser 012


paint my craft table all white?


(Still crushing on the all white…)

Not this color, but repaint current craft room table to something bold for next office/craft room


However, after seeing Katie Bower’s Table Makeover, I decided to keep it simple and classy (for now anyway).

Katie’s Masterpiece

I didn’t do a good job of taking before pictures of just the table, but there’s been enough before pictures of it so I didn’t think it was necessary. I’m sure you’ve seen one just like it at a garage sale or thrift store. Just begging for a makeover.

I basically followed all of Katie’s steps for the facelift so I’m not gonna do a tutorial. I’m really good at being lazy and not reinventing the wheel.


I sanded with my power sander! I used another one too for the first sanding and it was sooo loud. I was the only one making noise in my neighborhood. It had a high pitched squeal and sounded like a chainsaw at the same time. It was awesome. And Remi got covered in sanding dust. I mean seriously Rem. Who stands under a table while it’s being sanded? Hmm?

After sanding I wiped it down real good and opened the box to my compressor for the first time so I could blow off the dust with my high powered air sprayer.



Seriously, who just has oil laying around for a compressor? Unless you’re my Dad?


Plan B, wipe, wipe, wipe some more with a clean cloth.


Then I got to staining.





Oh, like my makeshift lifters?

It went on Super Dark and I was really excited.



…I wiped it off.

Seriously? The stain did not take like I was hoping it would. I mean it was darker yes, but not dark like Katie B’s turned out. I’m guessing that means I didn’t sand well enough? Well I wasn’t about to drag it back outside and re-sand it.

So after waiting the 4 hours like the instructions said between coats, I put on the next coat and left it on even longer.

Only for it to come out looking the same.

Double ugh.

I let the stain dry real good all the next day then put on the first coat of oil-based Polyurethane. (Which did a little magic and made it seem darker)

That stuff stinks. I wouldn’t recommend doing it inside. And the only reason I did is because the table is super heavy for one person and it was already hard enough to get it in and out to sand it, and once I poly’d it I wouldn’t be able to turn it on it’s side to bring it back in, so inside painting it was.

After it dried, 24 hours later, I sanded it with In-Between-Coats sandpaper. Then I put the second and last coat of poly on and let it dry another 24 hours. I am so impatient and it was so hard to wait for all this proper drying time, but this table gets a lot of use and I wanted to make sure it holds up in the future.

During times when I was waiting on drying I also painted the legs with two new coats of fresh white.


“Lieutenant Dan, you got new legs!”

Name that movie.

After 4 days of patiently waiting for everything to be done and living with my most used room in disarray, it’s all done.


Again, it’s not nearly as dark as I wanted, but I think it has a cool rustic look about it that’s perfectly imperfect. And it looks a lot cleaner and more polished than before.


Ugh, I hate pesky cords. Seeing this pic makes me need to wrangle those things up.



Always Mr. Happy

And because everyone loves a before and after side-by-side.

TLG_7487_thumb[3] copy  TLG_7568 copy

What do you think? An improvement? I’m definitely loving it!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about it!! It would've been a tough choice for me too as far as wanting to paint it a bold color. I LOVE that turquoise. But the white is so classic and you can always accent with pops of color! And I freaking love that quote you have on your chalkboard. So cute. I love the space! xoxo

  2. Hey there! I just stumbled across your blog, and I think the table looks great! Totally rustic, in a fresh way. I appreciate that you described the ugh moments...stuff like that always happens to me. I have that same table, so I'm excited and inspired to change it up. Thanks! -Dawn

    1. Thank you so much Dawn! I'd love to see your table once it's done :-) and's definitely not always "as planned" in the wonderful world of DIY!



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