Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It’s not easy to do with the pooch.

Especially since our walk this evening consisted of more of this:

photo (25)

photo (23)

photo (26)

Than this:

photo (24)  photo (27)

Home boy puts on the brakes every time we get our momentum going.

And by momentum, I mean a steady walk pace. I’m not even making him run.

He’s fine the first lap but after that as soon as we pass our house, he’s over it.

Doesn’t he know his Mommy only has 3 months before bikini season?

Obviously not.

As we speak he is passed out on the couch. I’d hate to see how he’d be if he exercised with his Auntie Kimbo…who runs six miles a day.

Although she did make us walk 2 miles with her on Sunday…she’s brutal I tell ya! Winking smile


  1. Haha...you know you loved it! Next time we'll do 3 miles :-)

  2. Yikes, thanks for the reminder about bikini season ;) I've been slacking with my diet and exercise argh!!! Rem is such a good looking pup.



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