Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY Striped Tray: Tutorial

Wanna know how to turn this…

TLG_7676 before




It was pretty darn easy.

It started with a plain white tray from Pier 1. You can do this with any tray and any color. I almost bought a plain wood one that was bigger and simpler that I would have just painted white.

However, I liked this design and it was already white so it went in my buggy.

Well, it would have if Pier 1 had buggies. Or do they? I don’t know but if they did apparently I’ve never seen them because I walk around juggling 10 breakable items hoping nothing ends up shattered on the floor.

Anywho, onto what you need.



This little roller kit was very nifty. I still washed it out and kept it but I think it was $1.50 for the roller & tray so could be an affordable throw away as well.

For the paint I ended up with Martha Stewart’s Nimbus Cloud.

I painted the guest room in my last house this color. I love it.



1) Tape.

My tape was 1.5” so I used that as the thickness. I planned to do chevron stripes on this, but I got frustrated and went with just diagonals. Which I’m glad because my house is already in Chevron Stripe overload and I think this may have put it over the edge.


2) Roll.

Make sure all of the tape is super stuck on the edges. I rolled only on the non-painted parts but it tends to overlap quite a bit. As long as your tape is tight, and don’t have a lot of paint on the roller, you should be good.

3) Peel.

Peel the tape off right after you are done painting. Don’t let it dry or it has the tendency to pull up the paint.

4) Seal.

This step is optional but I opted to do it. This tray is going to get a lot of wear on the coffee table so I wanted to protect it.

I covered the sides with more tape so only the painted part would get sealed.



Spray this like you would regular spray paint. Easy peasy. Three light coats.

5) Let dry.

6) Admire & put that baby to use!

Chevron Tray

Sorry for the flash in the following pictures. It was dark by the time it was dry and ready Smile


It looks itty bitty on my big table. But now I can scootch it over and have room for some other doodads on there as well.




The edge looks like it’s gray too, but it’s not. It’s white.

I just love it!

Oh, and scroll down to see what else I picked up at Pier 1 Smile

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