Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Pinterest Post

Are you sick of these yet? It seems that’s all I talk about.

Pinterest this, Pinterest that.

Well, I love it so if you’re tired of it I’m sorry.

But anywho, onto another post about Pinterest!

Wanna know something cool? Well that is if you don’t already?

You can put the following in your URL and see what has been pinned from your blog! Talk about making your head big!

So for example, to see what’s been pinned from my blog, I put in the following:

Then I get to see stuff like this!


My old room, my starburst mirrors, my iPhone charger made from books…


My mirror makeover, my table re-do…

Now mostly what you’ll see is images from my DIY Starburst Mirror Post and especially the Isabella and Max Rooms mirror I linked up to. According to my stats that blog post alone has had 37,632 page views!! Holy Moly!

But what is even cooler is to see my blog header and misc. things pinned to boards like “Blogs I Love” and it says stuff like “Good Ideas!” and “Great Stuff!”.


That kind of stuff goes straight to my head. Just sayin’.

And thanks to all of you fabulous people who are pinning my goodies Smile

One of these days when I have a few hundred hours to spare I’ll add all my projects to the DIY Projects Tab I created. It’s the last one that needs content added!



  1. It should go to your head! You are FABULOUS!

  2. That would go to my head too ;) have you thought about monetizing your blog?



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