Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last night I went to Chili's for girls night with two of my long time friends. I spent a good part of the day agonizing over what to order. I loooove the honey chipotle chicken fingers but at a whopping 1900 calories just for the fingers, no sides or anything, I had to pass seeing as my entire daily limit is about 1375. So, I did my nutrition research like i do now every time I go to a restaurant and decided on the Margarita Grilled Chicken. Its chicken on a bed of rice, black beans and tortilla chips. Oh Em Gee it was sooo good! I really thought it was delicious and at only 550 calories for the whole plate, I was ecstatic. I left really really full. I also kind of went overboard because of the chips and one of Brittney's 2-for-1 strawberry margarita that she gave me. But sometimes u just have to indulge and not worry about stupid calories. I had a great time with you girls!

Here's my delicious dinner! I'd highly recommend it!

Oh and they both gave me weird looks when I took pictures of my food Hah!


  1. Hey you saved calories on the meal so why not treat yourself!!! There is a book that my neighbor is reading about dieting, recipes, and why some work and other don't, etc. and he says that once a week you SHOULD cheat and have what you want! He says it's actually a good thing then you feel like you aren't being cheated and feel guilty b/c you had that desert or whatever and 1 day a week does not break your diet routine nor make you gain weight :)



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