Friday, February 24, 2012


Nope, not the movie.

But the number of blog posts I’ve written! (Technically this is 301 since I blew it with my water bottle post. I knew I was approaching the big 3-0-0 but forgot to check up on it!)

I started blogging in March 2008 as something to do. I was a student at FSU anxiously anticipating graduating and getting married (since I’d already been engaged for two years at that point).

Most of my early day posts were silly and included lots of Google images and pointless ramblings.

The pointless ramblings haven’t stopped but the picture content has gotten a little bit juicy-er. Granted, most of them come from my phone these days, but that’s real life folks!

As time marched on I went from blogging a lot, to only a little, to being pretty consistent again. It’s those times that I didn’t keep up with it that I am kicking myself for.

One of my main intents of keeping this blog is to get it printed into a book of sorts. Like a scrapbook of sorts. Hopefully I can make that happen soon!

It is so fun to look back and read my “public diary” and see what I was thinking or how I was feeling. There’s been happy posts, sad posts, exciting posts, heartbreaking posts, and I’m so glad that I’ve taken the time to write it all out. The good and the bad, because life isn’t always unicorns and rainbows.

Thank you to all of you that have made me want to bare my soul! And craft projects gone wrong Smile

I’d like to say I wouldn’t write this blog if I had no readers, but I don’t think that’s true. I do write for others, but at the same time I’m writing for myself. I will love looking back at this years from now. Pictures and thoughts of my life.

Although having readers is a lot more fun Smile

So in honor of my 301st 300th post, I’d like to share some fun stats!

Not sure why it didn’t start the stats until May of 09…perhaps that’s when the Stats were first installed?

Top 3 Posts

DIY Starburst Mirror 37,964 Pageviews

DIY/Crafting Funds 962 Pageviews

Mirror Face Lift 717 Pageviews



Today 409

Yesterday 348

Last Month 12,180

All Time History 78,748


Other Countries Coming to Visit



United Kingdom








So there’s some probably not very exciting to you stats.

Thanks for being a reader Smile


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  1. I think it's great and keep it up. I wish I was blogging BC (before children). I could have documented so much!! I am forever in the process of making my next book, I call them our family yearbook. It gets my photos off my computer and onto paper...and oh the memories, so much fun to go back and see :)



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